CERT is Computer Emergency Response Team. GRENA CERT-GE team was established in 2007 with the support of NATO Science Programme. CERT-GE is member of European CERTs Trusted Introducer https://www.trusted-introducer.org/directory/teams/cert-ge.html network and has close cooperation with organizations working on Cyber security in many countries.

CERT-GE provides consultations on network security and supports users to solve network incidents connected with unauthorized access on user’s servers and computers, virus attacks and other Cyber incidents.

CERT-GE is collecting and analyzing information about incidents in the Georgian domain GE zone and in case of necessity informs customers as well as CERT-s and security organizations from different countries.

CERT-GE Services:

IDS – deployment of Intrusion Detection System that will check incoming and outgoing packets of  the network, identify attacks according to the know types and anomalies.

Incident Coordination – investigation and solving incidents in cooperation with CERT teams from different countries.

Vulnerability Announcement – dissemination of information about various threats, among them information about discovered bugs in software products of vendor companies to install necessary updates.

IP Monitoring – dissemination of information about exciting botnet computers and other Cyber incidents. 
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