Ongoing Projects
European Commission HORIZON 2020 Programme
Proposal title: EGI-ACE: Advanced Computing for EOSC
Grant Agreement Number: 101017567
Duration: 01/01/2021-30/06/2023 (30 Months)

EGI-ACE’s main goal is to implement the compute platform of the European Open Science Cloud and contribute to the EOSC Data Commons by delivering integrated computing platforms, data spaces and tools as an integrated solution that is aligned with major European cloud federation projects and HPC initiatives.
The specific objectives are the following:
• Deliver the EOSC Compute Platform and expand the supply-side;
• Contribute to the implementation of the EU Data Strategy and the EOSC Data Commons to support the green deal, health, fundamental research and social sciences and humanities;
• Integrate the EOSC Compute Platform with the EOSC Portal and the EOSC Core;
• Contribute to the realisation of a global open science cloud;
• Expand the demand-side of EOSC across sectors and disciplines.

External Actions of the European Union
Proposal title: EU4Digital: Connecting Research and Educational communities (EaPConnct)
Grant Agreement Number: ENI/2019/407-452
Duration: 01/07/2020-30/06/2025 (60 Months)
The overall objective of the action is to bring together the research and education communities in Europe and the EaP countries and bridge the digital divide.
The specific objectives are the following:
 To extend network infrastructure (digital highways) to scale-up scientific exchange across countries.
 To increase the use of services implemented under EaPConnect project and offer new services to enhance international cooperation in R&E.
• To strengthen EaP NRENs’ position in the national R&E ecosystem.

European Commission HORIZON Europe Programme
Proposal title: GÉANT Horizon Europe GN5-1 (GN5-1)
Duration: 01/01/2023-31/12/2024 (24 Months)

GN5-1 aims to provide faster, more resilient and secure connectivity infrastructure and collaboration services to enable researchers and students’ access to applications that support evidence-based and effective collaboration across virtual research teams, worldwide. GN5-1 will continue the development of state-of-the art, costeffective, secure and resilient connectivity to provide unconstrained capacity ahead of demand in the backbone and NRENs networks. GN5-1 will provide innovative and distributed trust and identity infrastructure and services to achieve strategic positioning of T&I services as a key enabler of research and education collaboration within Europe. GN5-1 will ensure access for researchers and students to the valued services required for Open Science.

European Commission Horizon Europe Programme
Proposal title: SUBMarine cablEs for ReSearch and Exploration SUBMERSE
Duration: 01/05/2023-30/04/2026 (36 Months)

The goal of the project to develop a new world-class research instrument integrating already existing NREN and EPOS infrastructures and Copernicus Marine service from three European nations. To disseminate FAIR compliant State of Polarisation and Distributed Acoustic Sensor data, gathered from the already installed telecommunications submarine fiber-optic cables. Such an instrument would deliver innovative scientific instrumentation, methods and tools as well as advancing the involved research infrastructures by developing new state of the art services and long-term data sets of unique scientific value.

This project will enable continuous recording of these types of data for research use by NRENs for the first time, thus supporting of diverse academic, industrial and governmental user communities.
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